Tornado Siren

TORNADOLERT - operation, installation, and maintenance in fire houses and police stations. 

A siren activated by TORNADOLERT would more likely be heEded

Question: Why are tornado sirens not always heard indoors? Answer: Sirens are outdoor warning systems.

Question: Why do people not always take shelter when a siren sounds? Answer: Multiple sirens are often activated over a large area simultaneously, creating the appearance of false alarms in many locations. Activating individual sirens by a co-located TORNADOLERT would eliminate such false alarms.

Question: Why aren't tornado sirens used everywhere? Answer: Sirens can cost as much as $30,000 and are not cost effective in rural communities with low population density. In this case,a TORNADLERT in every home is not only more cost effective but also provides superior protection. 

 Question: Why does an outdoor siren not sound an all-clear for its location? Answer: Currently, there is no mechanism to do so. However, TORNADOLERT's alarm ceases when a tornado either dissipates or moves more than 10 miles away. It may be feasible to modify a TORNADOLERT activated siren to also broadcast an all-clear.

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