TORNADOLERT - operation, installation, and maintenance in homes, trailers, and apts. 

TORNADOLERT reliably detects tornado threats to your home, trailer, or apartment

Question: How can I get reliable tornado warnings when I'm home? Answer: A personal TORNADOLERT in your home will provide faster and more reliable warnings of tornado threats than TV, radio, or telephone. 

Question: What should I do when TORNADOLERT alarms? Answer: Go to your predesignated safety area. Take TORNADOLERT with you. It will continue to operate on battery. A continuous tone alarm indicates a tornado is 5-10 miles away and a siren + flashing light indicate a tornado is less than 5 miles away. If and when TORNADOLERT's alarm ceases, wait at least 15 minutes before leaving a shelter. Carry TORNADOLERT back and reconnect to ac power. TORNADOLERT will function for 24 hours under battery power if ac power has been lost.  

Question: Where should TORNADOLERT be located for maximum effectiveness? Answer: TORNADOLERT may be placed anywhere in your home, trailer, or apartment without affecting its performance. However, for optimum night-time alerts, locate TORNADOLERT in your bedroom. 

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