TORNADOLERT detects tornado infrasound wind noise which provides faster and more reliable tornado alerts than those from National Weather Service spotters.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question:  Why is TORNADOLERT so reliable?

Answer:   Every tornado radiates powerful infrasound that is unheard by humans. NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) has demonstrated reliable detection of infrasound radiated by tornados hundreds of miles away. Tornadolert's patented infrasound technology detects approaching tornados 20 minutes away. 

Question:  Why is the National Weather Service (NWS) tornado warning system less reliable than TORNADOLERT?

Answer:   Radar cannot detect tornados. The NEXRAD radar detects thunderstorms likely to produce tornados. Then NWS alerts SKYWARN volunteers to search visibly for tornados. However, tornados occurring at night and in heavy rain are almost invisible. TORNADOLERT tornado infrasound detection is unaffected by environmental conditions. 

Question:  Why are lightning-based tornado warnings often inaccurate?

Answer:  Lightning is produced by thunderstorms but only 10% of thunderstorms produce tornados. Thus, 90% of lightning-based tornado warnings are inaccurate. 

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