TORNADOLERT - recommended for homes, trailers, apts, schools, nursing homes, cars, RVs, trucks and tornado shelters.  Faster and more reliable tornado warnings.  VIDEO of operation in homes and cars.

  • Tornado-Warn detects infra-sound strongly radiated by every tornado.

  • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration has demonstrated ultra-reliable tornado detection using this method.

  • Because infra-sound travels without loss through solid walls, Tornado-Warn (Home) may be located anywhere in homes, apartments and tornado shelters. 

  • Tornado-Warn (Car) is the only sensor detecting tornados in moving cars and trucks.

  • Other tornado sensors detect lightning-storms, not tornados. However, only 10% of lightning-storms actually produce tornados.


".....TORNADOLERT sounded an alarm at 8PM.  We took shelter in a reinforced concrete structure in our backyard.  A rope tornado in front of 100mph wind had touched down 3 miles away severely damaging our house, but we were safe."  R.B. - Wichita,Kansas.

Intro to Tornadolert- Video


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